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Gut Fender

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Material: Customized Polypropylene

Mass: 40g

Length: 395mm

Width: 120mm

Colours: Black (MN0020), White (MN0021).

Gut Fender mudguards, from Mucky Nutz, are protected by the Registered Community Design: 002165332-0002.
-2,00 €
10,00 €

  • No Gut, no glory!

    MuckyNutz Gut Fenders provide superior upper body and frame protection against whatever the trails may throw up!

    • Attached to your bikes downtube, it protects you waist upwards against muck, grit and spray thrown up from your front wheel.
    • Helps protect the rear shock on full sus bikes.
    • Protects the battery and connections on E-Bikes.
    • It weighs in at just 40g, making it one of (if not thee) lightest downtube guards around.
    • Easily attached / removed using velcro fasteners or zipties and mounting bosses.
    • Unobtrusive - will not interfere with cables routed on your bikes downtube or affect how you ride.
    • Compatible with E-Bikes - select the stick on velcro pads* (2 provided) as velcro straps and zipties usually won't fit around the battery! (see pics).
    • Comes with rubber contacts to protect your frame and prevent slipping when installed.
    • Quick and easy to put on and take off.
    • Great in wet weather but can be left on all year round to fend off muck, grit, animal s**t and pine needles!
    • Easy to clean as it's flexible and opens flat. Simply wipe it and you're done.

    For the ultimate in front end muck protection, couple your Gut with either the Face Fender or Face Fender XL.

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