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Για παραγγελίες άνω των 100 € και μέχρι 2kg δεν χρεώνονται έξοδα αποστολής.

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When we sat down to design the Agree C:62 Pro, we had one goal in mind: to set a new benchmark in...

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Cube Agree C:62 Pro Carbon´n´Red - 2019

2.399,00 €

A CUBE bike with the SL tag has to earn its place in the line-up. With race-inspired geometry, a...

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Cube Agree C:62 SL Grey 'n' Flashyellow - 2019

3.299,00 €

When the open road calls, you'll want a bike that blends comfort with easy handling and lively...

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Cube Attain Black 'n' Red - 2019

749,00 €

The Attain GTC Pro has carved out a bit of a name for itself - as a great value endurance machine...

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Cube Attain GTC Pro Iridium´n´Flashyellow - 2019

1.599,00 €

We designed the Attain GTC Race so that it's as comfortable as it is fast - which means it's the...

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Cube Attain GTC Race Carbon´n´White - 2019

1.869,00 €

Comfort, lively handling and the reassurance of safe, powerful braking in any weather conditions -...

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Cube Attain Pro Disc White´n´Red - 2019

979,00 €

Comfort, lively handling and the reassurance of safe, powerful braking in any weather conditions -...

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Cube Attain Race Black´n´White - 2019

979,00 €

The Attain Race Disc brings a little of the racing spirit to longer rides, post-work blasts with...

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Cube Attain Race Disc Black´n´Flashyellow - 2019

1.139,00 €

The Attain SL is the featherweight athlete of the Attain series - and arguably the most versatile,...

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Cube Attain SL Black´n´Grey - 2019

1.199,00 €

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